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Please find below detailed contact information of the Danish Consulate in Bahia Blanca. Furthermore you can also find links to all the other consulates of Denmark and the embassy in Argentina. If you prefer information in Danish language, you can visit our home page.


Danish Honorary Consulate in Bahia Blanca, Argentina - Alte Brown 3755 PB - (8103) Ingeniero White - Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina


Official website:


Mr Arturo Cesar Hosch - Honorary Consul


(+54) (291) 457 1590 & (+54) 9291 5715628


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9.30-12.30 & 14.30-18.00

Opening Hours

Note: Please re-check the openinghours by contacting the consulate directly. Opening hours can change without prior notice.

Consular Missions

There are different kind of Danish consulates of which the difference is the level of services they offer.

A Honoray Consulate is the smallest Danish consulate and usually do not issue passports or visas.

The biggest type of consulate is a Consulate-General and these consulates assist in a far bigger range of consular services.

Embassy of Denmark in Argentina

In the case that the consulate in Bahia Blanca is unable to offer the services you require it is best that you contact the Embassy in Buenos Aires instead.

Consular appointment

Before you make travel arrangements to visit the consulate of Denemark in Bahia Blanca always check first if you need to arrange an appointment.

Argentina - Other Danish Consulates

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Danish Embassy in Argentina

Buenos Aires